Welcome to PSSTWorld, St. Georges School!

Welcome to PSSTWorld, St. Georges School!


Welcome our new PSSTWorld partner, St George's School in Vancouver, BC... another example of a school that really cares about their student culture and climate. A safe, enjoyable culture requires open communication and proactive leadership, especially when difficult subjects like bullying, vandalism and criminal behavior are addressed. Bullies, vandals, and criminals alike depend of non-communication for their survival. PSSTWorld allows all stakeholders (students, parents, staff) to easily let safety leaders know any relevant grass roots safety information. And in nearly all cases of any dangerous behavior, students or parents or staff know about it in advance. St. Georges now offers anonymous reporting and much more via their PSSTWolrd partnership.

PSSTWorld.com stands as the market leading safe school cloud initiating anonymous reporting and diverse communication in schools and school districts in Canada and USA.


PSSTWorld.com provides a safe location for communication between: 1) students & safety professionals, 2) students & students, and 3) safety professionals from differents schools.


Congratulations to St. George's School for emerging as a leader in proactive school safety.

Thursday, January 29, 2015
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