Winner of California School Board Golden Bell Award - PSSTWorld

Winner of California School Board Association Golden Bell Award for School Safety - PSSTWorld

PSSTWorld was recently honored as the recipient of the prestigeous Golden Bell Award for school safety specifically addressing several dangerous and life threatening incidents in LaQuinta, CA.  Through its anonymous reporting tool outstanding results were acheived which may otherwise not have been the case, resulting in student safety, confidence and culture change.


PSSTWorld is a secure and confidential area where students can share information about anything that concerns them at school. The “Report It” link on the front page provides students with a quick, safe and anonymous way for students to report bullying, cyber-bullying, abuse, weapons/drugs/sex crimes, suicidal thoughts, vandalism, discrimination of any kind, threats of school attack and any other safety concerns. Students only need to provide their name and contact details if they would like someone to call them directly.


Promoting Safe Schools Together World is an anonymous reporting tool used in all Desert Sands Unified School District schools (LaQuinta, CA USA) to report bullying and other incidents detrimental to a safe school climate.

Desert Sands Unified School District has had tremendous success with it in terms of investigating cases related to bullying, teen suicide and a myriad of other issues reported to them 


PSSTWorld can be up & running within weeks in most school districts. Please contact Safer Schools Together if you have any questions or would like clarification of this exciting new tool to help secure a safe and caring school environment for your school or school district.

Thursday, January 29, 2015
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